if only you'd say you loved me

October 15, 2010
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You’re looking for a girlfriend.
I’m looking for a boyfriend.
We both know we’re not ready to settle down.
Sometimes nothing is ever going to figure out.
And I… I just want to fly. Fly. Fly.
I don’t want to let you go,
You should know.
And it’s time just to let it go because I want to let you know let you know who I am.
And if I was drowning you’d be my savoir.
My happy ever after.
I run to you, you to me.
We’d be as a happy as can be…
If only you’d say you loved me.
Oh whoa. Yeah.
[End of chorus]
Taking my life one step at a time,
But just walking to get next to you.
This life is not what we expected it to be,
It’s like a maze and you’re searching for me.
I’d cry on you, I’d like for you just to hold me too.
Just so you’d say you love me.
Making magic, having fun is what I dream of us to do.
You’re in my dreams and that’s exactly where you’re supposed to be.
And I… and I… I could love you forever if only you were my savoir.
My happily ever after.
I’d run to then you’d run to me.
We’d be as happy as can be.
You’ll see. Just you and me.
Yeah, they’ll see. Just you and me.
[Chorus x2]
Sometimes, this is where my lyrics end.
I lost you, I lost loving you.
But that wouldn’t be the truth.
And I still love you. I know you want to say it too.
And then I remember all the times we had together, just you and I.
Down by the lake.
Over the hill side.
With the waterfall.
And your hand with mine.
I love you,
It’s not that hard to do considering you’re my muse.
The lyrics to my favorite song, the beating to my heart.
You’re always in thoughts and never not.
[Chorusx3:Chorus-slow. Chorus faster. Chorus smooth.]

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its_just_me said...
Nov. 1, 2010 at 5:50 pm
Beautiful:') I love how you were able to put feelings into words. (You're a step ahead of me!) You're fantastic honey:) -Your cuddly buddy:)
jennifur replied...
Nov. 1, 2010 at 6:21 pm
oh. hahah. thanks kelcey! i lost those other songs i wrote, but when i find them i'll give em to you! kay?
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