Your Next Ex-Boyfriend

October 15, 2010
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[verse 1]
I wanna be your man and nothing less
I wanna hold your hand and give you a kiss
Cuz our relationship, has grown to be a part of me
And the ending, is something that I never wanna see
But now you suggest that it might be better
If we don't date each other, or
Take a break
What did I do, that influenced you to make
This decision?
Cuz it creates a deep incision,
Into my heart, with deadly precision
So now this is my mission
So babe, Please just listen as I say

I love you babe, I really do
Do you really love me too?
And I hope you don't think that this is the end
Cuz I don't wanna be your next ex-boyfriend

[verse 2]
Do you remember all the times we had?
Talking into the dead of night
And when you were scared, my voice dissolved your fright
And do you remember how you felt,
When you told me you loved me for the first time?
And as I said it back, girl you were the only thing on my mind.
Do you remember trusting me,
With all your secrets you had to keep?
And do you remember, how you felt
When you knew you had my heart, and there was nobody else?
Do you remember?
Do you remember?
Well I want you to remember that...

[verse 3]
So babe, has it really come to this?
Well, you should know you're too much to miss
And when people ask about you
I'm at a loss for words, cuz words can't describe you
And talking to you was the highlight of my day
But now you took that away
So Why, Why, Why are you doing this?
Cuz I, I, I don't understand it
And my, my, my heart is aching now
So please baby don't let me down
And take it to heart when I say:
[chorus] X2

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