where am i?

October 10, 2010
By cristi. GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
cristi. GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
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3 seconds until i break,
I'm about to fall apart.
3 seconds 'till i jump off the edge,
I'm leaning over pretty far.
I cross my fingers and pray it's gone,
hope this is over now.
Look to my left and see the shadow coming out.
I try and hold my head high,
but pain just weighs it down.
I hear the names,
everyone is crying,
but you can't hear it,
you don't know,
this fear we live in,
no one wants to go.
You can't imagine the terror,
the horror on the screen.
That's not enough,
not even close to my reality.

3 seconds until I wake,
the sky is darker now.
3 seconds until they come,
don't make a sound.
The slightest thing just sets them off,
you don't wanna go there.
They'll bend,
they'll break you,
they'll mistake you,
for something that you're not.
And that's when I need you the most.
I need you to hold me close.
The battles in my head I'm hearing,
and I hate the pain,
the tearing.
All this time i couldn't see that you've been there for me.

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