October 7, 2010
you can study me, and understand everything you see
there's nothing you won't try to know
it makes my stomach twist and turn; my insides are about to go
as you hack away, i enjoy the pain
the feeling when i see you; being so sane
yet i'm trapt inside a nitemare, unable to share
you cut here, you cut there
cut away at every connection
the more you fill the intelection
an i quite enjoy your every Dissection
it's okay if you leave my heart a bloody mess
deep inside i'll never love you less
just be careful not to smuther me
when you open my scars exactly what do you see
take your sweet time; don't rush, don't go too fast
let every moment we have drag on; let it all last
exactly how deep will you go
maybe i should let you know
i don't care ho far you take this
truth is it would bring me such sweet bliss
if you would go as far as you can into my mind
but please take me with you; make me get me; don't leave me behind

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