Don't Swallow The Wind

October 7, 2010
If only you could see
Then maybe this could be
More than just a dream
Hidden in reality

And maybe actuality
Could be more alone
In the sense that it won’t
Without someone to hold

With no reason to shame
The way you used to play
There’s no need to say
‘I can’t do this anymore’

And with silence putrefying the air
No one is left to receive my stares
Like the way your winter hair
Could take all the chills away

This sickness is my disease
It’s always brought you down
You don’t plan to please
And I have no reason to expect

But with everything that’s inside you
Maybe you can just let me in
Let my comfort sink into your skin
And draw the dawn within your irises again

Don’t swallow the wind
It’ll only bring you closer to the ground

I can’t catch you
If you’re ready to drown
But that says nothing
For submarines and fairytales

Lines contort your face
Like a little dry erase
And there’s nothing for me to do
But wait for you and hope you learn
Of forgive and forget
And lose all regrets

My hand yearns for a moment
A waste of your time
Just to relive that limelight
Veiled in disguise

Maybe you can’t
But I know that I can
And I’ll give all my time
Just to do it again

The whispers crawling in my ears
Lead to disasters in your tears
And those creeping spiders under my skin
Brought naught but a lonely life for a lonely man

Without a shadow to follow
Everything makes no sense
Echoes scream your name
It’s driving me so completely insane

Pulses oxidate
Irises desaturate
Fingerprints fumigate
Heartbeats suffocate

Don’t swallow the wind
It’ll only bring you closer to the ground

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