Won't let my Feet off the Ground

September 28, 2010
By Anonymous

Some days I make it through
with a little hope and a prayer too
Other days just aren't the same
I suddenly feel I'm the one to blame

The mistakes I've made are mine alone
Nobody elses in this broken home
I've decided the pain isn't worth the price
I'm taking a turn to make it out alive

But what if I fall again?
What if I break again?
Another day I wonder
is another day I miss
I just can't live like this

I've been completely humiliated and broken down
but I won't let my feet off the ground
the only thing I'm reaching for is beauty in everything

the negativity can't get to me
not when I'm already down
this broken heart just can't defeat me
so I won't be letting my guard down
not when I'm already about to drown
in this deep ocean of agony
these broken hearts are all bleeding around me
but i will push through all the misery

i'm turning and spinning in every direction
i try to stay put but the wind just keeps twisting
it's blowing me side to side
bringing out the pain i hide

but I won't let my feet off the ground
I won't let my feet off the ground
And I just can't turn back around
to the roads I've been before and
I won't let the rain pour anymore

The sun will shine eventually
Until then I will certainly
drag myself through the mist
because i see
the light is near and the sky is blue
the trees are green and the storm is through

The hardest part now is standing up tall
walking strong so I don't fall
because I just can't fall again
not when I'm already down with bended knees
taking deep breaths before I can't breathe
I won't let my feet off the ground

The author's comments:
I'm seventeen and have been writing poetry since I was eleven. I have a poem in a book about my cousin who passed away.

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