Shooting Star

September 27, 2010
By , Ellensburg, WA
Stars shining real bright, like holes in a dark blue sheet. Staring up, hoping for one, to fly through the sky and make a silver streak yeah.
Lost my girl and my best friend; now I got nobody for the weekend.
Although it’s only been a while, I still miss the sight of your smile.
Pain’s tearing me up on the inside; still I let nobody see me cry
Loneliness is getting worse and worse yeah, I really can’t take this curse.
Now I’m looking up to the dark sky, hoping that you found the right guy.
Who makes you forget about any scars, and makes you feel like (echo)


Really wish you would come home. I really wish you would call my phone.
Really wish for a lot of things, but the stars aint answering.
Feel like a jerk every day oh, can’t believe I let you go.
The pains making me want to scream, I still hope that this is a dream.



Ay yo it’s my turn! Throw RX into a U-Turn, show them, what the ladies really yearn for.
They wanna guy, who can bust a rhyme, who’s got all the time, oh look at the time, gotta go.
But before I, get to far away, I just gotta say, to make your lady stay, your gonna have to pay.
You gotta, buy them all the cars, help them reach the stars, just don’t go too far.
But also, you don’t just need a car, you gotta be a… (echo)

~Chorus x2~

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Brokendownbutnotbrokenapart said...
Oct. 12, 2010 at 8:46 pm
I luv this!!
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