The Night Has Gone To Heaven

September 11, 2010
By Anonymous

the night has gone to heaven
the day has just been born
the night took you with her
left me with a heart thats torn
i keep thinking to myself
that could have been me
i see your loved ones crying
that could have been my family

you were just a young girl
the tender age of just fifteen
your parents never listened
the kids at school were mean
you thought that being different
was something to be cursed
so you gave a final performance
of what you had rehearsed

i think of all the children
that are hurting deep inside
i imagine where there minds are
are there hearts still open wide
i wonder what their thinking
do they still let love inside
was someone there to hug them
when they broke down and cried

I think of all the children
that have died by suicide
I think of how their hearts
were left without any love inside
I think about their families
that couldn't read the signs
left to struggle with the questions
that complicate their minds

Could I have been his shoulder
Could I have set her free
From all of the pain
that caused her so much misery
Could I have been there
Oh If only I had known
I could have done something
to make sure he wouldnt have felt
like he was all alone

The author's comments:
This song is inspired by a friend of mine who passed away around this time.

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