The Raven's Call

September 6, 2010
By Speedy88 BRONZE, Ridgefeild, Washington
Speedy88 BRONZE, Ridgefeild, Washington
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"Time flies like an arrow; Fruit flies like a bannana." -Groucho Marx

Down down, does the raven fly.
The black sheer taste of hate in his eye.
As he screeches, the ghost of all seem to cry,
From the burned to the buried, none are alive.
The screech of empty,
The screech of fate,
He flies on by,
They've Come too late.
They've Come too Late.
I can't tell when the army had past,
The time ticks slower than the lost and the last.
The wrath the wrath,
It comes for us all,
Is it time is it time for mankind to fall?
We have lost everything, all in all,
We can't wait, and we're to small,
To ever help to free them all,
And now we wait for the Raven's call...

He taunts me, me and you,
He tells that there's nothing we can do,
He caws out his laughter as we watched, as he flew,
But not to his knowledge that something's coming anew.
Though he pecks at the heart,
Though he causes the Dark,
There is something that is happening, that he's not apart.
That he's not apart.
He pecks at the dead,
the dead and their skulls,
As he feeds on the dead,
He can't ever be full,
But with the army that leaves,
to there we will flee,
We WILL become full,
and we'll never fall, and we won't have to wait,
For the Raven's Call...

As we walk with the army, we hear their screams,
the Tortured,
The Dead,
Almost everyone it seems.
Those who have left the army for rich and power,
Are in their corners, burned and cowered.
Their souls have not left, but have been devoured,
Their eyes seem to glow with hate and glower.
I feel sorry for those who had left,
Those who have killed, and those who had theft,
But the army keeps going out of the empty land,
And soon those will be helped that needs a hand.
The Raven follows but will not dive or fall,
It's close to the end,
of the Raven's Call...

The screams the whines,
The Lines the Lines,
The army wavers and falls behind,
But I know, I know, that we'll all be fine.
But to the left there's a thing that glows,
And I can't but help to know, to know,
Hold me back, and don't let me go,
The Raven calls once more, once more,
It screams for us to follow it's cry,
It's sound so beautiful, so divine,
It makes you feel as though you can fly,
But I know that it'll will us to our Demise.
Look forward, look forward, don't ever look back,
For the Raven, it follows, its feathers shine black,
And all in all,
It's the Raven's Call.

There's a light ahead, look towards that light,
We're almost at the end of this fight,
But woe, the Raven has bound you tight,
You've been pulled, and pulled, back to the night.
I grab for your leg, but I was too late,
And now I've been overwhelmed with hate, with hate,
But the leader comes, he comes and grins.
He says that you, did not commit sins,
And with an arrow, he pierces It's wing,
And with a call from his voice, your body swings,
Back you come to the light to the light,
And we're the only ones left in this fight.
The Raven has tried, and failed once again,
We are the only one's left who did not do the same,
As those who had left, and longed for the power,
And now it's our hour, and now it's our hour,
We have made it, we could not fall,
It's now the end, Now the end,
To the Raven's Call

The author's comments:
Hello. I hope you get what this means, it's a simple song that My band and I wrote. We're still working with the tune, and actually going to post this song up soon! :D We hope you enjoy! :)

~ Faine Keera of Uxolo

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