Boys and Girls Taking Tips From Monsters

September 6, 2010
In the end this world will fall to ingorance.

For we will know nothing that will matter.

This world will fall into fire and brimstone.

For so long we set out to pretend we knew best.

We knew nothing and now we perish like the rest.

WE are all beast in the end, We left ourselves nothing to defend

Our purpose is consumed by defiance, Now give us reason to speak

When lies are all we know, What is the purpose, When death is are we know

Life is an experiment of checks and balance, We bury ourselves in defiance

Morals are only hocus pocus human instincts fallen to the advancment of science

We are only boys and girls taking tips from blood consuming monsters

We can not trust our own instincts and this world is going to straight to hell

We are held down as a whole, And by time we feel the knife it's to late to yell

This is a world where morals over results are at times a hard sell, Results outsell

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