In Your Head

September 25, 2010
By guiltybydesign BRONZE, Ontario, Other
guiltybydesign BRONZE, Ontario, Other
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There’s just something about
Driving on rainy nights
When darkness takes over
Everything but the glow of headlights

And you’re playing that song
The one that has a tendency to make you cry
But the tears won’t fall
Like the rain won’t dry
And you just don’t know
What’s wrong with you
And you can’t help but wonder
Why you’re not acting like you used to

Then the salt water
Finally begins to leak from your eyes
While you play charades
With your alibis
And the song plays on
The song plays on

As the chorus fades
And you reach the second verse
All you can think about is
Your undying desire to reverse
The emotions that you doubt
And your identity fading fast
Because now you’re stuck here drowning
In the faces of your past

Then the screams come
It’s the sound of you breaking
While you were never really complete
With your hands on the wheel, shaking
And the song plays on
The song plays on

This is the bridge
The one you are crossing
Between who you were and who you’re going to be
This is the bridge
The one that’s still playing
Building and building before it reaches its peak
And your eyes no longer leak

There’s just something about
That song on rainy nights
That makes you question
Every moment of your life

And in the end
You still don’t know where you stand
But the song plays on
In your head

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