Lock and Key

September 24, 2010
By italianclover5 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
italianclover5 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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From my seat in the sky
To the book in my hands
To the song in my head
To the road where I stand,

Chest bound to explode
Like the after-rain clouds
I want to make it happen
I want to make them proud.

From the look in your eyes
To the smile on his face
To the touch of a stranger
To this stunning new place,

Heart bound to blow
Like a bright red balloon
I want to make it happen
I feel it coming soon.

Form it, shape it,
Make it, break it.
Do what you want
But be sure that you can take it.

The farther we go
The more we will see.
The greater we try
The more we can be.
The stronger we believe
The clearer we will see,
That fear is the lock
Where absurdity is key.

The author's comments:
I wrote this while on the airplane, and was inspired by an incredible book I had just finished reading. It amazed me how something so meaningful could come from a person's creativity, and then decided to write a song about it.(Not to mention there's nothing more inspiring than being surrounded by clouds).

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