Tripped Up by Love

September 12, 2010
By Sarah Allen SILVER, St Louis, Missouri
Sarah Allen SILVER, St Louis, Missouri
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I've never been that kinda girl—
the kind who falls in love.
Who wants to trip,
Or plunge, or dive?
I swore I'd never slip.

Boys were just for beating up,
And I was the woman for the job.
It wouldn't change, I wouldn't budge,
And I wouldn't fall in love.

But lately I've been stumbling
over love—and into you.
It's annoying, aggravating—
Not at all like what they say.
But I'm not your average girl,
And these feelings won't go away.

I don't know what to say,
And even less 'bout what to do.
You might think there's nothing special
'Bout the way I think of you.
I've tried to hide it,
Tried to lie,
Now it's time to admit...

Love has tripped me up,
And I think I'm falling fast.
I'm not certain where it came from,
But I hope it's gonna last.

‘Cause whenever you come near me
My walls just crumble down
My heart thumps in my chest,
And my feet can't feel the ground.

You make me want to scream and laugh,
you make me want to cry.
So I'll keep waiting for the day
when I finally catch your eye...

‘Cause you say I drive you crazy,
And I know that can't be bad.
I make you want to cry
and I make you want to laugh.
I'm your best friend, and you're mine—
Boys aren't just for beating up.
Could it be that you and I...
Have both been tripped up by love?

I don't know what's going on with us—
But I know it's gonna last.

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