I wish You were Here

September 21, 2010
By Anonymous

On the inside i wanna cry.
on the outside i cant even.
Baby i cant belive your leaveing.
i cant belive you left.

i wish you didnt pull that trigger.
because now you are 6 feet under.
im gonna miss you, look over me.
you'll be in my heart.
just protect me.

i love you, i hate your mistake.
but your still loved in every way.
you were my world.
and i was your girl.

i cant even sleep knowing you are cold.
i was yours for you to hold.

and i miss you, i love you
i still think about you
look over me to.
i want you......here.

times are even harder without you here,
i miss your smile. i miss your cheer.
but now i just shead a tear.
darling i wish you were here.

i watch the skies turn colors.
but its not the same without each other.
you just put stars to shame.
they dont seeem so bright anymmore.
now life is just a chore.

i wanna hear the voice again.
you were like my best friend.

(R.i.P uncle bruce)

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