if only she knew

September 18, 2010
By Sophia-Lynn Ellis SILVER, Mattapoisett, Massachusetts
Sophia-Lynn Ellis SILVER, Mattapoisett, Massachusetts
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if only she knew

wearing false emotions not to fool around
its just my jealous heart being slowly torn out
my running mascara tainted ego rapidly dying
until you come back and tell me that you love me

those painful emotions i have to dismiss
just so we can share that one romantic kiss
lies slowly eating us alive
but the thought that you love me is making me survive

but i dont know how much longer i can hold it in
her screaming for attention is where i may end
my selfish mind only accepting you and i
tonite part of me dies

that jealous smile painted on my face
just to pretend she is the only one besides you
im only there to pretend i dont know you
but i do...
and i hurts to say it...but i love you

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