Living on the edge

September 18, 2010
By Emmilu BRONZE, Wilmigton, North Carolina
Emmilu BRONZE, Wilmigton, North Carolina
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Living through sins, making this thing called life exciting.
Feel the adrenalin pumping, like ecstasy in our blood. Live with me on the edge.
Give me them dangerous feelings, secretly braking the important rules, while running over fences and getting re-born after sinful ideas is what life needs to stay young.
Give me the summer feelings back, the rush that takes over.
Never say this isn't right, lets meet up secretly tonight.

Climb up my window, I dare you too.
Make lemonade, sing out loud, feel the grass in between you´r toes and love picking us up from the ground.
Stay up all night, we can see sunrise, be restless in moonlight,
jump in lakes, naked with our skin so white.

-We just dont care, we dont care. Together there exists no fear.

Secretly we can escape, far away, but only in our dreams. Although you make it real to me.
Dance with me babe, we dont need no music, we can make nature sing.
They call me for a wild child, but honey, I am only living my life.
So lets get caught in action, I know you like it. Seeing peoples reaction.
Base is pumping, heart is jumping. Love´s rhythm makes us run even faster.

- We just dont care, we dont care. Love like this is called rare.

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