September 11, 2010
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I overcame,
Even when my heart was slain,
I still smiled,
When my heart was in pain,
I took the past,
Pumped it out my veins,
What so i call this,
Yes I overcame

My life is a story book,
In which I am tabled a crook
Keeping people shook,
When I walk by,
They always think that I'm always high,
But that is fiction,
That brings tears to my eyes,
Why does this world despise,
What is up with all the lies,
Caan noone year my crys,
Can you not see the pain bleed out my eyes, I'm full of wisdom middle name wise, so don't underestimate or I will, fly past you expectations have your mind debating, and you emotions baking, then good thoughts will be creating, and a new rep I will be making, one that involes no faking.

I light up my past...
And let it burnnn.
Take the chip off my shoulder,
Cause I've gotten much older
And way much bolder
Way more colder, just check my folder, clean rap sheet, no assigned seat, smile when I meet and greet, and get back up when I meet defeat, you get amazed of the knowledge I speak, but het its natural not even ay my peak.

Today is a new day,
Time for a new me,
Got a job now, so I'm pur su ing.
I'm a winner now never ever los ing
So many options now so I'm always cho osing
So much happiness and smiles my face is bruis ing
But its okay I know what I'm doing.
It's the good life,
I got now worry,
Sit up and watch the sun bright and early, and write my poems at about six thirty, yes thats the am, Cause that's when the day begin, I'm determined all I do is win.

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