whisper untill they find us

September 11, 2010
By Angelica Huitzil PLATINUM, Wilsonville, Oregon
Angelica Huitzil PLATINUM, Wilsonville, Oregon
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My eyes burn from crying
My hands hurt from writing
But my words are lost in a world of nothing
And the only thing I want, I cant have

My feet tire from walking
My mouth thirst from talking
You keep me close but it wont last
Whispers in my ear, dont ever forget the past

And when they find us
I swear soon enough we'll be together again
I'll dream about all the places we've been
I watch as the rain pours down
And all my wishes wash to the ground

I hear them talking
IBut I just keep on walking
Walking untill I start running
Running untill I start singing
And your whispers in my ear
Dont you ever disapear

I listen to the words that you whisper
I know that your listening to
And we meet in the night
Somewhere so dark so no one can find us
But our hearts are to bright
And we shine a light greater than day
What can I say

You keep on whispering
Whispering untill it turns into kissing
And now I'm wishing, wishing till I'm missing
Missing my heart
Missing your part
And when they find us
I swear

I'll whisper into the air
And I'm wishing you were there
I'll sneak of into the night
And together we'll shine our light
Even though keeping this a secret is impossible
We'll say it just to feel the moment slow

I'll be walking, walking till I'm never sleeping
We'll be meeting, meeting untill we're singing
We'll be the perfect match
And the word would catch
We make a raining day turn into something else
And keep the sun shining till the very end
And no matter what we'll still stay friends

You make me whisper, whisper untill I start to scream
Is this part of our scheme
And you make me shine, shine untill I begin to beam
Oh boy and if they find us
We'll run, run till our last breaths pour out
'Cause your one thing I can't live without

And you'll whisper in my ear
Whisper untill I begin to feel
You'll hold me and never let go
But our light is to bright
It'll begin to show
We'll sneak off into the night
Just you and me

When they find us
We'll walk, walk untill we start running
Run untill we start singing
Sing untill we start kissing
And I'm still going to be missing

You whisper into my ear
Whisper for so many years
You'll whisper those words
Whisper untill you start to scream
Scream to tell me your scheme
You whispered, I love you
Whisper untill they find us

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