September 10, 2010
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Well what are you afraid of?
Just come over and Jump to it!
Don't need to pretend that you're not
Terrified, that the world won't survive!

There's no need to worry!
Cuz Adventure is near
Don't run away from destiny my dear!
Adventure is coming here some day!

Why are you scared to conquer life?
Don't stop being who you are just cuz someone shoved you down
Stop fighting! Cuz you know you'll give in
Sooner or later!

There's no need to be frightened!
Cuz adventure is near!
Don't hide from the person you are inside!
An Adventure is here to stay!

Just jump in and join the party!
Stop worrying about everybody else!
Don't fake a smile! Cuz I know you're a liar!
Relax, and have some fun, you know your true nature!
Show your real colors!

There's no reason to be scared!
Cuz adventure is near!
Don't pretend your something you know your not!
An Adventure is finally here! That's what you want!
Yeah, and Adventure, that's what you need
Adventure, Adventure, Addddventureee!
It's HERE!
No need to fear

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