AIDS awareness

September 10, 2010
By yjus44 BRONZE, Monroe Twp, New Jersey
yjus44 BRONZE, Monroe Twp, New Jersey
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It’s a fact we are all born to die
But my question is why do we forsake ourselves to fry
You know what I’m talking about
Some call it knocking the boots
Others call it hitting the sack
Where the only result is bringing forth life or getting the clap
Not to mention Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and that monkey on your back
I’m not speaking in the sense of weapons but you better stay strapped
Saran, keep your man wrapped
See I don’t care if I come in 1st 2nd or 3rd
I’m promoting healthier living
I just want to be heard
So why can’t we live healthy what’s the problem
I’d rather be safe than sorry people use a condom
See it was June 15 2005 I remember like yesterday
Cuz my uncle had just died
I watched him through his tribulations
It was one hell of a ride
But still
I couldn’t understand how once a strong black man could lay down and cry
Then one day he questioned my cousin and I
Are you sexually active?
We said yes and asked why
He said use condoms
Cuz AIDS will ruin your lives
Right then I knew why that black man had cried
Now I understand why my uncle had died
Not to exacerbate but AIDS will emasculate and eat you inside

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