Inside Out

September 8, 2010
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Is as sweet as anything
When you’re the one
Turning me inside out

My mind
Is twisting
And I don’t mind at all

You said
That all guys are dumb
I said
With naivety
That you could never be
No, you could never be…

I was wrong
You definitely could be
Cause you see

You’re really dumb
You’re extremely confusing
You’re such a guy

I wanna know why
You flirt with sluts all the time
And why you have such an ugly but

You know what? I don’t care about you. No, I don’t give a…

You have a horrible haircut and you need a life
You cause me daily strife.
Leave me alone.

But what I would give…
To know what you’re thinking.
When I look in your eyes I almost…
come back to earth you silly girl.
Such a silly girl…

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