September 1, 2010
By Anonymous

Verse One
Cold dark clouds, It's sure to come. Please just let it fall. The wind is gentile the grass is soft. I hear thunder above me.

Rain, rain please fall down. I've been waiting for your gentile touch. I'll wait for you forever more. The beautiful, intese, warm rain, alone has the power to heal my pain. I'll wait to see you again.

Verse Two
Just one drop please touch my hair, show me now that life's not fair. Beleive me when I say I'm through. I can't do this anymore but I can not be sure that the end to this is near. It hurts me to say I'll be on my way I wont be coming back this time.


Verse Three
Please don't hurt me anymore, I have to leave you there's no other way. Lighteneing guides me on my way. Say goodbye. I don't think we will meet again, alas my friend this is the end. you cant tear me down.


The author's comments:
A song I wrote on a rainy day.

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