September 1, 2010
By Anonymous

Verse one
All week, It's just like prison. Everything's so outdated here. I walk down the hall just to let them see me fall. For me, failures Iminent. So just like every year I'll give in to the fear, wondering what they think of me. I know I shouldn't care. I shouldn't let them take me under.

So get up for school, don't let what they think rule your life. Try to be all your own. Don't let them tear you down, get up now, Off the ground. Be yourself and then I'll bet, by tomarrow you wont regret, letting them closer to your heart.

Verse Two
They look so acusing, their eyes. Though they to, are trying to disquise, themselves so they'll fit in to. Girls are visiouse, guys are mean, It's so hard to be a teen. But in the end you'll find it's worth it.


Only four more years till you and all your peers will part ways and maybe be gone for good. Enjoy it while it lasts cause in the furture, you'll want the past, to look back on all the memories.


The author's comments:
An exercise from Songwriting class this summer.

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