Saving Me

September 1, 2010
By , Moorhead, MN
Verse One
Take me away, don't leave me here. Cold and alone. I don't want to be here, anymore. I'd gladly trade your life for mine, I have nothing to live for. Broken am I, the pieces fall to the ground. I'm giving up, I don't care anymore.

Please save me! I just want to be free. Bloody and broken, I'm lost to the world. Sinking faster, about to let go. What can I hold onto when my world is broken?

Verse Two
I feel all eyes on me. I need to let go, of the anger, fear, the pain all here, killing me slowly. All I can do is suffer and wait it out. You can't help me now. Hurting, in pain and so far beyond your reach. Signs of life, Fading.

(Musical Break)

Verse Three
You came back for me, Please don't let go. I finally feel the need to care. Love? I don't know. You say you'd give your life for me, why would you throw it all away? I don't deserve your love but you give me your heart.

2nd chorus
You saved me, I am finally free. Broken but fixable, I've found a new world. Finally surfacing I will not let go. I can hold onto you, just know that you can lean on me to. Together we're invinsable, I owe it all to you. It's you who got me through.

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