September 1, 2010
By Anonymous

Verse One
Blown into pieces, this ship won't sail the seas again. Sinks to the bottom, but still hurts us from the grave. Days are getting longer. When will the oil subside. We make vain attempts to end this, as the creatures scream and die.

What now is there left to do? Can't you see it in their eyes? Sing a prayer for all the creatures as they try to run and hide. We try despratly to help them. Will they get our help in time? Sing a prayer for all the creatures, and have faith that they'll survive.

Verse Two
So many tries now. Hope fills the heart and fades away. Nothing is working, what else can anyone say? Still we keep trying, there's faint hope we can succede. But if failure falls upon us who knows what our fate will be.


They scream for help...they fade away. (x2)

(Final Chorus)

The author's comments:
This is a song I wrote about the oil spill and the animals in florida. (P.F.A.T.C stands for Prayer for all the creatures.)

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