Purfect Insanity

September 1, 2010
By Anonymous

Verse One
What Is up, what Is down? Look ahead and turn around. Looking left, looking right, Is it day or is it night? Can I breathe or will I die, Is this the truth, Is it all a lie?

Someone help me, can't you see? I'm slowly surely going crazy. I see things but they're in my head. Am I alive or am I dead? Am I purple, am I green? Can these crazy things be seen?

Verse Two
Brush the grass it cuts my hand, touch the glass it tickles my skin. The sky is on fire, the fire is blue, even thought that I loved you. I'm out of my mind but inside my head. Is my heart yellow or is my heart red?


Verse Three
I have no wings, but I'm in flight. The chains that aren't there are so tight. The dessert's dry but here I drown, I look ahead, I turn around. I know what's wrong is probably right. I'm cowardly but stand to fight. Tell me now, just what have I become?


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