The Feeling I once Had

August 21, 2010
By Anonymous

nothing feels right anymore
I feel broken deep into my core
why can't things go right
all I want to do is make up after we fight

but problems like that just don't go away
and I don't know how much longer I can stay
my heart grows weaker each and every day
my hope for us only continues to decay

hope is the only thing I have left
my hearts been victim of theft
I want all the love I gave to you back now
sometimes I don't understand how
you do me wrong
your lucky I've stayed for this long

don't think i'm kidding here
all the apologizes you make could not steer
my mind of this one way street with no end
I don't even want to be your friend

Maybe someday if you actually make a change
and your attitude is rearranged
then i'll listen
when you tell me you can't believe what you were missing

The author's comments:
Never being treated fairly but a boy who you give so much love to, and get absolutely nothing but the cold shoulder, and cold heartedness in return.

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