you make me me

August 21, 2010
By magzzie BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
magzzie BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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verse 1:
i sit at home and i think for a while
about who i am and i just smile
ive figured it out
because im with you now
it dont make since
i dont know how
but its you
you make me, me

when im with you i know who i am
and when im with you i know where i stand
when im with you i could laugh all day at anything (anything)
when im with you it all makes since
when im with you im not stuck on the fence
when im with you i know what i want and what i need
and what i need is you..

verse 2:

so i get off my couch and i just go
i head your way because you need to know
about what ive thought
and what ive said
about how you make me feel undead
how you
you make me, me


verse 3:

im at your house and you open the door
im lost for words, never done this before
so i close my eyes
and take a deep breath
then look at you hoping for the best
i tell you
you make me,me

i say..

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