August 24, 2010
Break these chains,
Tear down the wall.
So much pain,
I'm waiting here to fall.

The ripped heart lies,
The scars are all I see.
All these endless tries,
I want to break free.

Another night begins,
I see a light just up ahead.
As the darkness closes in,
I wish it was me instead.

I lie here awake,
Remembering the past.
The pain I just can't take,
The time gone by way too fast.

And now the memories just wont last,
The emotions bottled up,

My sanity has snapped,
My vision has gone blind.
I feel so trapped,
A victim to my own mind.

My body is so weak,
Waiting for a change.
Unable to speak,
Words seem strange.

Not much to say,
The sentences won't form.
There's no other way.
I feel the cold, not the warm.

The thoughts cut deep,
So bitter and sharp.
Unable to sleep,
I wish this was the hardest part.

But life moves on,
The world continues to turn.
The love has gone,
And the bridges continue to burn.


Chorus (x2)

I feel so trapped,
up in you.

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