to those girls

August 30, 2010
im trying to find
a way to get out
to explore to
be known
and i watch them on tv
dreaming that one day
it will be
me they look up to
that they pretend to be at
there sleepovers
but how can i believe
when you say
ill never compare to those
whose seem so make beleive
they work hard and so do i
so why ami making it nowhwere
why am i still stuck here

ive tried to put those words behind me
try to really find me
but im burried to deep inside
inside your hurtfull words
my damaged ego but then i remember

i dont need you here i cant let go of you
shed your words
make my dreams come true
build up the peices you have knocked down
and find
where i belong
who i am
what i have been waiting for

now i am the one i hoped to be
sure you dont see me on tv but
they still look up to me
and i know i am making a difference in their lives
i know i can show those girls
dreams arent what they always seem
but in one way or another they will
come true
those girls
young or old
as long as they understand
who they can be

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