Called To The Storm

September 2, 2010
By Anonymous

Verse One
The signs will show from high above, the tears are sure to follow. What more can i t be, what else can I see? All that's left to do is wait. I will sing once more.

The rain taps my window. It calls me to play. The lightening won't hurt me, I will be OK. The air hugs my scenses a feeling of calm. I don't have to fight anymore. The rain hides my tears as the music plays softly. They ask why, I just reply, I'm called to the storm.

Verse Two
It all starts to fall, I can't turn away. I know that it can't but i wish it could stay. Something about how it feels on my skin. Something about the sweet air as I breathe in. I'll stay outside a bit longer.


Verse Three
Thunder clouds leave me, The rain must go away. I sing along softly as the music starts to fade. No sound on the window, no feel on my skin. The clouds disappearing, the sun's turn to win. It dries up the water it dries all my tears, I listen carefully to what no one else hears. The song of how the weather came to be, it's only me. The song of the thunderstorm has ended...

(Chorus) X2

(2nd chorus 1/2 step higher than the first)

The author's comments:
song I wrote for fun about my favorite weather.

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