Stop Sign

August 28, 2010
I waited when you left
Wasn't baited by all the boys to knock on my door
I sat and sat
Patience and wondering where you were at
I waited for you
Why couldn't you have to?

Not a hug goodbye just a shrug and nod
Why do I have to poke and prod for you to notice me
For you and I to be a we

And now another year must pass us by
20 girlfriends, why oh why I'd have to be so shy!
But I'm done waiting
And anticipating
For a train to come that's years too late
No kiss, it's fate
Now it's your turn
To wait

We were best friends so long ago
I've always had feelings,
Or didn't you know?
We used to play pretend under those tall, tall trees
Did your life turn out the way you thought it would be?


Your hair is browner.
I begin to flounder.
As you get older,
I get bolder.
Those goalie sessions are paying off
I've never seen you look so buff.

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