I'm Just Me

August 24, 2010
By BabyFace95 GOLD, Thunder Bay, Other
BabyFace95 GOLD, Thunder Bay, Other
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I like to be alone
Cuddled up in the dark
Singing along to songs
Not experiencing it

I like to hear the voice
That’s right inside my head
Not anybody else
Who says…

I am free
I am true
I am someone I will always be
But, I say, that I will never be that someone again
I'm just me

I will come back home one day
I will start to pack my bags
I can't think straight at all
I'll never be strong

Where will I start?
If I need to start again
I can't do everything

When I am free,
I come out and brighten my world
When I am true,
I can find all I need to find
This will happen,
If you're by my side


When I am free
I can be strong
(Can be strong)
When I am true
I do belong
(Do belong)

Chorus (2x)

Oh yeah!

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