Lena's Life

August 17, 2010
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They call me Desiree Diamond
The treasure, the best
More lovers than the rest
A diamond
So pretty
A diamond

But really
Where no one can be
I'm Lena, Lena
That's me

Once upon a time
I was raised
In the darkest corner
Of the alleyway

Once upon a time
Mommy died at birth
Daddy loved
Daddy raped
Took my self worth

Then Daddy was shot
Before I could be taught
When to say no
So when they said, "Go"
I went
I went with them

And abused
Then left for dead
"Better than being shot in the head!"
They said

Nothing left to live for
No money, no world
Only a thirteen year-old girl

Then Mr. Z took me in
Gave me food, water
Said, "Tomorrow you begin"

Every night since
I've walked the streets
Never questioned
I guess life's complete

No purpose
Except to sell
Make him money
He treats us well

Lips, nails, dress, red
Teeth, skin pearly white
No what if's or instead's
No the best, but it's alright

So when you say I'm a whore
I know, I know
But I can never, ever
Be more

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PsychoSabby said...
Sept. 7, 2010 at 8:50 pm


I really wanna write music to these. XD


(hi it's becca.)

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