a tangible high.

July 21, 2010
By charlestyler. SILVER, Oakdale, California
charlestyler. SILVER, Oakdale, California
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Favorite Quote:
"originality is cliche."

- me.

i don't care, about your hair
i know i'ts bad; baby, i've been there.
you don't need to explain, all about your pain
i know you're sad; i've been insane.

every night, i toss and turn in Hell.
revived, by the sound of digital bells.

i can't tell you, what i've been through
i don't know, if it will hurt you.
my life's full of lies, begging to die
i don't know, why i love to cry.

and sometimes, it's hard to stare through tears.
all i've known, all i've known is fear.

i don't need, you to plead
you're not alone; i'm no better to lead.
Tangible High, i see you in the sky
see that cloud? that one's your eye.

oh, but baby, those clouds are turning black.
oh please don't, please don't hold back.

i don't desire, your funeral pyre
i know it feels hot, but the flames are liars.
i don't request, your absolute best
just all you've got; some mental incest.

all your love, is everything to me.
you, darling, scab my bleeding.

just stay on the ground, don't make a sound
i know it hurts; i'll always be around.
block out all the noise, try to hear my voice
i know it hurts; try to rejoice

and i promise you'll be fine.
just tell me that you'll still be mine.

i don't expect, you to be perfect
you're so damn cute, when you're a wreck.
babe, can't you see? being happy
is a pursuit, so smile with me.

and i'll cry, every day you're gone.
and i hope to die, before you pass on.


don't forget about me.
don't leave me.

you know that i love you.
so why don't you love me, too?
you know i'll always love you.
why don't you love me, too?

you just keep on getting colder.

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