August 9, 2010
By Jenny10216 SILVER, Miami, Florida
Jenny10216 SILVER, Miami, Florida
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I Know Right

Oh oh oh yeah
You are you & i am me, but i dont feel alone
I like to do things my own way
I dont like to do what people say
Like to do things in my way
When i think their right, yeah, yeah
I dislike to be told whats right, whats wrong
Should be able to decide that on my own
Dont like to listen to what people say, cuz i am me & i do things my own way, oh, oh
But dont be so hard on me,you aint gotta be so mean
Im just a girl, you know
You might say that i dont know, what im doin' what im sayin cuz im just a girl, but ill have you know
You might be right, you might be wrong but ill always carry on
I might be just a girl, but i think for myself
I should be told what to do, what to say, what to persue, no, no
I believe that i should do what i want & when i want to
You might think differently, but you see we're all unique,ahu
You don't understand me, but you think you do, oh
You don't comprehend me but you'll need to, oh, oh
My heart is set, im gonna fly
And i'll reach for the sky
Cuz' i have someone to love
Someone that believes in me
Through time & space & all
Thats how i'll carry on
How i'll keep goin
Through the skies & then the galaxy
Now you understand me
Yeah now you see what i see
So know you know that we are al,l unique

The author's comments:
I wrote this song when i was younger.One day i had this feeling inside me i just felt like no one understood me, so then i decided to write a song about it.I immediately sat down & wrote this piece & corrected a few parts as i got older & was able to see the mistakes.

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