take me high.

August 8, 2010
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Lately boy, you’ve got me feelin high,

and the worst part is that you don’t even try.

A look into your eyes is like a needle to my veins.

With just one smile, you can ease all my pains.

A touch of your skin feels like I just took a hit,

And I love this feeling, I’ll have to admit.

The scent of your skin leaves me feeling so dazed.

Every breath just gets better; can’t help that I’m amazed.

I believe all of your lies without any worry or doubt.

This can’t be good that you’ve got me so strung out.

I know I’m addicted and you’re the one that I crave.

Your tongue on my lips is the taste that I save.

Lately boy, you’ve got me feelin so high

So please take my hands and together we’ll fly.

Fly high, fly high, fly high.

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