Lost All Control

July 25, 2010
By SHSSoccer2011 SILVER, Radford, Virginia
SHSSoccer2011 SILVER, Radford, Virginia
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(v1)- I watch 3am come and go again.
Can't sleep, can't even rest with You on my mind.
Does it matter, the tears that run down my face?
I know my strength has failed me once again.
As the weight of it all pulls me down.
And I fear for what's just around the bend.

(Chorus)- I'm on my knees begging You to rescue me.
Please don't let me run.
Is it too much to say I was a fool?
Would You look into my eyes and tell me that You really love me?
Cause I'm still in disbelief.
There's just something about You that brings out the deepest part of me.
So vunerable, as I've lost all control.

(v2)- With clarity my scars remind me.
I'm fighting a fight that can't be won by myself alone.
I need answers for all the fingers pointing blame.
What is my worth? That much I ask cause I know I'm falling apart.
My world is crashing down and I need to be found.
Are You really out there?


(v3)- Will You walk with me, talk with me?
Hold my hand, I'm stumbling.
I need to feel Your arms around me.
So hold me with that love You say You hold so tight.

(Chorus x2)

The author's comments:
The "You" talked about in this song is God.

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