Jersey Streets

August 3, 2010
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I’m driving back from Jersey and
Counting all of the minutes until
I hit New York.

My music is loud
As it drowns out the sound
Of the cars racing by.

The stop signs
And the red lights
Are the only things keeping me from you
All away from you.

And I can only push the pedal down so far,
And I can only go so fast,
I just want to make sure,
You know nothing like this ever lasts.

I’m flying over water,
Going well above the speed limit,
The bridge looks daring,
But then again we all need to be brave.

My brakes don’t work,
And my mirrors are cracked.
But all that matters
Is that I’ll be with you,

It’s too late,
Oh its so late.
Lets park and walk away,
So far away.

You say you missed me,
But I know its all a lie.
I tell you I love you,
And I don’t know why.

I don’t want to be a fairy tale,
I don’t want to end this wrong.
I just want to pretend, just a little more,
I want to play you this song.

I wrote it on my way
Back from Jersey,
Driving home back to you,
And New York.

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