August 5, 2010
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i liked it whenever u shout at me,
i liked it whenever u scolded me,
my just a lil bit fault,
i can't stop crying a lot,
can't find my way back to u,
missing u a lot,
missing u.......
missing u a lot.

its a foggy way before me,
can't see a thing my eyes r closed,
remmebring those times,
seeing u beside me,
holding my hands with u,notletting me fall, missing u lot.

but i am here all away from u,
missing u so much can't convey to u,
i know i have mistaken shouldn't have left u there barren,
i had many things on the way but shouldn't have left u there,
regretting for that now,
i am so sorry for delay.

hello, hello whoz there on the phone now?
i aam almighty u know me a lot,
i am the one who u call as God!
oh! then wait a sec, if u can listen to me then spare a sec,
u know my grand pa na?
i dont know where he is gone,
leaving my chilhood story untold,
i miss him a lot n lot....

he left me like this here alone,
i promise my dear God I'll never tease him at all,
i'll never lie to mom n obey rules the all,
but please send him to me,
my dear dear dear God,
i miss him a lot....

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