Sheep For The Slaugter

August 3, 2010
By MountainMan BRONZE, Weston, Wisconsin
MountainMan BRONZE, Weston, Wisconsin
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What are we, oh what have we become,
All this hate and agony, stabbed to death, we’ve won

Putrid and unsettling, make this evil go away
Eating away our emotions, our true heart, we can’t escape,
Such incessant mediocrity that pains each and every day
Our tortured souls, yet we’re blind, with mouths agape;

These cold daggers, they’ve already got her,
Is this all we are, just sheep, sheep for the slaughter

How can your hearts be so black, oh so cold
You dirty disgusting animals, who call yourselves human,
Believe these lies, into something deeper than slavery you’ve been sold
Utterly lost within our own ambition, like a blinded crewman;

Now what is it, oh what must we do now,
Our hearts try; try to be free, without knowing how

Come lead us home, our heavy hearts, take us back there
And consume us, for such is our deficient souls’ true yearning,
Memories of falsehood pollute, destroy us until, this I swear
Every heartless one is reduced to dust, chaff for burning;

Lord of Light, where must we go, must we trod
Free us from these shackles, these heavy bonds, Oh God!

The author's comments:
I hope this piece sheds light on the loneliness we all feel in the world and how many of us wander aimlessly, without a purpose. Yet it doesn't have to be that way.

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