In The End

August 2, 2010
By Anonymous

I just can’t help but wonder
Does it matter in the end?
Cause I’ve been waiting for the answer
And it seems I’ve found a friend

We’ve been trained to know the difference
And to judge and be judged back
We’re the best here on this planet
At the meaning that we lack

So we hide away the difference
As we contemplate inside
And I just can’t find the answer
Cause I know its all a lie

So we’ll be the way we always have
And go around again
And that meaning that we asked for?
Is the way its always been

For the answer to your question
Is the reason that we hide
And the reason for the reasons
Are still bludgeoning your mind

And the way you move is terrifying
Seeing as I know
And I never cared to notice
Till I found you thinking low

Till the questions that are hiding
Show themselves, so we depend
Cause the question is the answer
I know neither in the end.

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