Disguises of a Thousand Years

August 2, 2010
By Noelleiscool GOLD, Thompsonville, Michigan
Noelleiscool GOLD, Thompsonville, Michigan
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"There is so much scope for the imagination."~Anne Shirley from "Anne of Green Gables" by L.M. Montgomery

There is a lady
Who sits in a tower
And blows kisses out to her foes

They say, "she's gracious,"
When really she hates us
'Cause we're telling
Secrets she knows

There is a book
When you open its pages
The pictures go right to the walls

There's knights on their horses
And dragons in courses
Of princes
Who've all had to fall

They call the lady a queen
And they call the pictures museums
And a writer will come
And he'll wipe it away
And the story will change

In a thousand years

There is a young girl who
Hides from the whole world
In a little brown box on the hill

She's called a hermit
And people who hope she'll
Come out know
That she never will

There is a giant
Who's part of a circus and
Known for the roles that he plays

He's called a freak
Though he's really quite meek
And he wipes the tomatoes

But the queen is a witch
And the pictures are angels
The girl is a warrior of blood
And the giant's a god
And if you think that's odd
You can go and revise it

In a thousand years

There was a man
Who was led up a stand
For the crimes that he did not commit

He'll save the vain
And the weak
And the lame

But he's standing in chains
That don't fit

The people are called,
The victims of fate
And this story's buried
And dead

But the liar's a king
And if you think that's mean
You should try and rewrite it

In a thousand years

And here are our disguises
They'll laugh with our surprises
Don't you like our disguises?

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