Reflection of the end

July 29, 2010
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The sands below us faltered
when I searched for your face
And when the waves above seemed smaller
All I found was space

You've been taking the spirits of those
Who had fought by your side against foes.
We'll never cross paths again
Reflection of the end

You built a strong armory
In our war of memories
Every night you come to attack
I cant relax, I wont react

Where ever I will be
You'll be a oceans distance from me
If we ever meet again
You'll be no more than a friend

So, lets be mature
Say what is polite
And maybe our wounds will mend
But you know
As well as I do
This is the end

Exiled across the red tide
Without a compass at my side
Captain of my ship
If I sink, I'll swim

Through this distant passage I was crowned
A deserted kingdom lost and found
Rebuilt the rubble left astray
Once a castle, now a cave

Withered cracks in stone
Abandoned for the unknown
I'm not sure where I will go
To find my story told

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