The Invitation

July 20, 2010
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Verse I:
The year she's waited for,
Is finally here,
It's her last year.
Just a few months left,
So she sits at the table,
Addressing envelopes,
Signing invitations.
Graduation is nearly here.
Friends and family have all been invited,
She's excited.
Until her eyes find,
The one invitation,
That is blank.
She picks it up,
And writes.
Chorus I:
Will you be there,
Can you come here,
Please, for me?
How will I know,
If I've made you proud,
If you never show?
It's been fourteen years,
And never has a day passed,
When I haven't thought of you,
Do you think of me too?
Do you know how much I need you,
And that I'll always need you?
So Mom,
Can heaven go without you for one day,
And let you be with me,
For just one more day?
Since this day is an important day for me,
Try to come down,
I love you Mom.
Verse II:
She attached that invite to a balloon,
A balloon that said I love you,
And sent it to her Mom,
Up there in the sky.
As she watced it fly away,
She started to cry.
Graduation day came,
And it rained. She cried outside after the ceremony,
Only this time she wasn't alone,
Her mother was crying,
Tears of her own.
The tears on the daughter's face,
Were tears of joy,
Like the ones that streamed down her face,
When her true love asked her to marry him,
And she said yes.
Arriving home later that day,
She sits down at her desk,
Pen in hand,
And writes.
Chorus I
Verse III:
She kept that note for a year,
Then she got it back out,
To put it inside a wedding invitation.
She could hardly believe the big day,
Was now just a month away.
She got the balloon that said i love you out,
And attached the invite.
Then off she sent it.
The wedding day was bright and sunny,
Smiling faces were everywhere,
All through the ceremony.
Just when it seemed,
Her Mom wouldn't show,
It started to rain,
That's how her Mom let her know.
She laughed as the guests rushed to the reception,
And she also cried a little,
Outside with her Mom.
When she joined the reception,
She grabbed a pen,
And wrote on a napkin.
Chorus II:
Thanks for being there,
I guess you can come here,
To be with me.
Now I know,
That I've made you proud,
Since you showed.
I have many years left,
And never shall a day pass,
When I won't think of you.
It comforts me to know,
That you think of me too.
You know how much I need you,
And that I always will.
So Mom,
Heaven gave me,
My one day with you,
And it was important too.
You came down,
Even for a short period of time,
And I love you Mom.

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