Never Did See

July 19, 2010
You wish and try to wash your hands
A fallacy of what life demands
You listen and you hope
But you still can't see

You catch yourself in the same motion
Rising to fall with so little done
But you wait and you cope
Though you still can't see

You sigh but you don't cry

You count twenty on your hands and feet
All you've got ready to meet
By some miracle
Something you can't see

You wait where you're all alone
You wonder with pain
Does every champion have to first mourn
Or there some easier kind of fate
Well, the last straw won't take a sip
But you wait and your wait
For all that which you want in your grip
For all that which you still can't see

I drive by and ease my eyes
In the window where you'll take your life
You're quiet and you feel me
But you still can't see

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