July 28, 2010
(It goes V1, chorus, V2, Chorus, Bridge, and end on Chorus)

Ill never give up on you
No matter what you do
No matter what you say
I’m in pieces anyways
Feeling the warmth of blood
Gave it all for His Love
He has risen again

Father my creator
Where am I to go?
Where am I to go?
What do you have in store for me?
Why do you use me?
I’m screaming out this prayer
Cuz no one else seems to care
I just need some answers
I can feel you working in me

Broken and mingled in ways
Even when I sing your praise
Why can’t you stop the pain
The people who hated you
You always loved them too
What else can I do

Even when this body
Is burning in the flames
I pray ill be with You
And singing with the saints
My future I give to You
And I can’t get away
Because I know that You
Will see all of us through today

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