Brown Eyes

July 28, 2010
By KteeLynn BRONZE, Rhome, Texas
KteeLynn BRONZE, Rhome, Texas
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Brown eyes and warm melodies,
Soft voice and a kiss so sweet,
I can count on you,
You can count on me.

Calm words like poetry,
Love stronger than the eye can see,
You are here for me,
I am there for you.

It’s always and forever,
Sunshine on a rainy day
And with you,
Everything is beautiful.

Like streetlights, shining bright,
Warm feelings that can fill the night,
I can lean on you.
You can lean on me.

I close my eyes; it’s you I see,
Silence broken and a song set free,
You are on my mind,
Am I on your mind?

It’s always and forever,
Moving closer as we float away,
And with you,
Everything is wonderful.

It’s always and forever,
A sunrise in the late of day,
And with you,
Everything is Magical.

With you everything is beautiful.
With you everything is wonderful.
With you everything is magical.

The author's comments:
I just felt like writing a cute, simple love song.

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