Finding the answer

June 28, 2010
By Anonymous

I've been torn from all these memories
Never want to go back again
In my fragile state, I wouldn't be able to bear it
Not even with you help
Not even if you gave me a hand
Not even if you tried
but what could you do to help me?
What will you do to help me?
It's your fault I'm falling
You are the reason for my dismay
I am stuck for ever in this painful transit
Thinking only bring pain and nothingmore
I can't stand being alone
Why can't someone help me?
Why can't someone love me?
Why am I blind to this f***ing anguish?
All my life I dreamt of happyness
but who ever said dreams come true?
Why can't anyone answer me?
Why do I never get an answer?
Moments in my mind lead to nothing
Heartache and agony is all I'll ever feel

The author's comments:
Sometime the only question that is never answered is, why.
Most of the time ,why is the only thing you want answered.

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