Society's Masquerade

June 28, 2010
By lovepoet BRONZE, Sunset, Utah
lovepoet BRONZE, Sunset, Utah
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In the pasture of life don't be a cow pie.

Everyday I wear a mask,
A mask that no one sees.
It hides the lies and all the fears,
But worse, it really hides me.

This mask that no one sees.

The mask reflects the media,
And who it says to be.
All in all it’s plain to see,
Painted on the mask is society.

This mask that no one sees.

Each and everyone of us,
Will wear a mask of tears.
Trying hard to fit just right,
Into the crowd of peers.

With this mask that no one sees.

And so we go about our day,
As if we’re at a masquerade.
Bending and changing to look just right,
Until we completely fade.

Into this mask that no one sees.

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